Skin-to-Skin Contact

All babies benefit from skin-to-skin contact

Positive touch is a way of communicating your love and reassurance to your baby and hearing your baby’s needs in return. Babies do communicate, and by watching and listening to your baby you can learn what kind of touch to use and when it is appropriate, safe and pleasurable.

Skin-to-skin is easy. Here's how:

  • Take off your baby's blankets and clothing, leaving on just the nappy

  • Move clothing away from your chest and tummy

  • Hold your baby, facing you, against your chest or tummy

  • You can put a blanket over you and your baby

  • Enjoy the closeness and bonding with your baby

 Read more at the International Breastfeeding Centre website or at UNICEF UK 

Benefits for Babies

Your baby ...

  • Is more likely to have a successful first breastfeed

  • May breastfeed sooner and longer

  • It helps your baby breastfeed when sleepy

  • Cry less and be calmer

  • Stay warmer

  • Enjoy more comfort from you

  • Have better blood sugar levels

  • Will be protected by some of your good bacteria

Benefits For Mums

Skin to Skin contact helps you 

  • Breastfeed more easily
  • Make more breast milk
  • Learn when your baby is getting hungry
  • Bond more with your baby
  • Gain confidence and satisfaction caring for your baby
Benefits for Dads

Dads benefit from skin to skin contact. It will help you:

  • Bond with your baby

  • Calm and comfort your baby