Other Breastfeeding Organisations

Several organisations run a range of support and campaigning activities for mums wishing to breastfeed, including breastfeeding counsellors

Breastfeeding Counsellors are mums who work have breastfed and have trained with one of the organisations. 

They work as volunteers and can often give you help and support by phone.   Please follow the links below to find out more You do not need to be a member of these organisations for help.

National Breastfeeding Helpline

The National Breastfeeding Helpline is run by volunteers from a range of breastfeeding organisations

It is independent, confidential, mother-centered and offers non-judgmental breastfeeding support and information by phone on online chat

Opening Hours: 9.30am – 9.30pm

Tel: 0300 100 0212

National Childbirth Trust (NCT)

The NCT is a UK charity providing a breastfeeding telephone helpline, antenatal and postnatal classes and other resources for parents. Also training & resources for professionals

For more information please go to : www.nct.org.uk

Tel: 0300 330 0771

Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm



La Leche League (LLL)

Opening Hours: 24 hrs daily

Web: www.laleche.org.uk

Tel: 0845 120 2918

Breastfeeding Network (BfN)

Opening Hours: 9.30am - 9.30pm

Web: www.breastfeedingnetwork.org.uk

Tel: 0300 100 0210

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

Opening Hours: 9.30am - 10.30am

Web: www.abm.me.uk

Tel: 08444 122 949