The Greenwich Breastfeeding Partnership

We know breastfeeding gives Mums and Babies the greatest health and social benefits.

The goal of the Greenwich Breastfeeding partnership is to create a 'Baby Friendly Greenwich' with a first class community breastfeeding programme for all mums, especially those in communities who do not traditionally breastfeed.

Our Partners

The Maternity Service and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Greenwich and Lewisham NHS Trust

At the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, maternity staff are trained to help you successfully start breastfeeding your baby.

In the hospital the midwife is your overall carer, helping and supporting you in all aspects of caring for your newborn, including breastfeeding who works with a team of Maternity Support workers and Health Care Assistants

There is also a specialist breastfeeding team specifically employed to support infant feeding with an emphasis on breastfeeding. The team includes the Infant Feeding Midwife, the Breastfeeding Advisor and four Breastfeeding Support Workers.

When you go home from the hospital your community midwife will continue to visit you at specified times, up to 28 days after your baby is born.

You can also see a midwife at the postnatal clinics if you have any feeding problems or call into a breastfeeding drop in.


Community Public Health and Health Visiting

Greenwich Public Health Community Nursing Service

When your baby is around 10-14 days old your Health visitor will visit you at home. Your Health Visiting Team are able to guide and support you in all aspects of child and family health including breastfeeding once you are at home. All have been trained in breastfeeding support to UNICEF Baby friendly standard.

Your Health Visitor works with a team including Community Staff Nurses, Nursery Nurses and Breastfeeding Advocates. You can see any of the team for information and support, at home, in a local child health clinic, breastfeeding group or children’s centre.

The Breastfeeding Advocates also work in the Breastfeeding groups alongside Greenwich MUM2MUM Breastfeeding Peer Supporters. The Breastfeeding Peer Supporters are volunteers who have personal breastfeeding experience and have had extra training to offer support to other mothers and to promote breastfeeding in Greenwich.

Look at the Local Support section for more information about Breastfeeding Advocates, Breastfeeding groups and MUM2MUM volunteers.

Greenwich Council Children’s centres all welcome breastfeeding mothers and offer many services for local families with young children.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Greenwich Community Health Services are working together to deliver care to you to UNICEF Baby Friendly standards

> View 'Baby and you; your breastfeeding journey' (PDF)

Greenwich Children's Centres and Children's Services

All the drop-ins are free and can be found in Greenwich Children's Centres across the borough every weekday.

Download a list of Drop-in Groups

Royal Borough of Greenwich and Public Health and Wellbeing

Public Health and Wellbeing promotes healthy living options for all borough families including breastfeeding, as part of the campaign for improved health for all the borough residents though application of national strategies including '1001 days.

 Find out more in The Children and Young Peoples' Plan 

Add links to GLIS and wider obesity strategy 

University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich supports breastfeeding as the best way to feed a baby and is the latest organisation in Greenwich to achieve the Baby Friendly seal of approval.

The School of Health and Social Care based at the Avery Hill campus recently received Stage One status from UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative in recognition of it's pledge to ensure that newly qualified midwives have the basic knowledge and skills needed to give mums all the breastfeeding support they need.

Our Goals:

  • Mums get the best quality information and support from midwifery, health visiting and GP services to prepare themselves and their families antenatally and to breastfeed successfully

  • Everyone in Greenwich is aware of the importance of breastfeeding and supports their partners, friends, and family members to breastfeed

  • Mums feel safe to breastfeed wherever they need when out and about in the Borough

  • All mums are supported in building close, emotional links with their babies through responsive, interactive feeding, however they choose to feed